There are many good restaurants in Hong Kong and in the four days we were there, we wanted to treat ourselves to a splurge meal, and so we did. We had dinner at L’atelier de Joel Robuchon where we also went last year in Paris and despite all the other restaurant tips I got, we just couldn’t resist going there in Hong Kong. I find myself looking for words to describe the place; the atmosphere is just a perfect balance between chic, sophisticated and casual. The fact that the restaurant’s seats are mostly situated around the bar doesn’t mean there is a lack of space, because of the open kitchen it just adds to the whole experience – so don’t mind if they are offering you a bar seat! It’s great to see the cooks prepare the food, or should I say sculpture the food, as it is just a form of art arriving on your plate. Also at the end of the evening the chef stopped by to personally ask how our dinner was. And it was good… Because we like to have multiple courses in small portions – which is actually an excuse to order almost everything on the menu – we went for the ‘discovery menu’, and added two courses that weren’t in the menu but we just had to taste. We ended up having twelve courses, including the amuse and two – yes two! – desserts. From beginning to end it was great, I can’t even remember what everything was anymore, but as I’m looking at the pictures I’m craving for some of this deliciousness again.

If you want to know where to find one of Joel Robuchon’s restaurants click here.

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