Four days ago we arrived at the pier of Koh Tao and a day later we started our dive course, what has been all we’ve been up to for the last three days. Our daily schedule was pretty much the same: eat, sleep, practice theory, dive, eat, and sleep etc., hence the short pause on the blog. But we’re still alive and kicking! Actually super kicking because of this awesome new adventure! I was so excited to go in the water and for the first time being able to actually breath down below. It’s so cool! The diving part of the course consists of exercises such as taking your mask off under water - not my favourite, what to do when you’re out of air, how to communicate with your buddy (technical term for diving partner, because you never go down alone) and how to get him or her out of the water in case something is wrong. Beside that we also did a ‘fun dive’ and spotted some pretty cool fishes, such as Nemo (saddle back clown fish), a parrot fish, a sting ray and a scorpion fish which was pointed out to us by the diving instructor, because he can adapt to it’s environment so perfectly it’s barely possible to recognize it.

Today we finally got the chance to see some places other than our room, the next-door restaurant and the dive school, because we had to stop early due to a little aching in my ears. Nothing serious, I just have to let my ears rest for one day so we can complete the course Saturday. We did take the theoretical exam and passed (whoop-whoop)! With our day off tomorrow there’s a big chance more pictures will follow, but for now it’s this beautiful sunset taken from the beach just a few steps away from our front door!

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