It’s our third day in Bangkok and as forecasted it’s pouring rain. Fortunately we have already seen a big part of the city when we were here a month ago, so we don’t have the urge to go out and explore some more. Although we like to sleep late – especially when the rain keeps dropping on the window – we do not stay in the bed the entire day. So thank god – or whoever invented them – for shopping malls! It is dry in there, I would like to say it’s warm, but they really love keeping it cold in there – but no fuzz, just wear an extra layer and your good – and they provide the primary necessities in life: food and fashion. And also, in almost every shopping mall there is a cinema, which is perfect for us because we love to go to the movies.

There are a few shopping malls in Bangkok, including the biggest one of South East Asia, Central World, which is – surprise! – my personal favourite. If you like fashion Central World has the biggest diversity of brands in every category, and on top of that there is also a warehouse called ZEN, which is comparable with Bloomingdales or in the Netherlands ‘De Bijenkorf’. In the mall are two floors totally dedicated to food and besides that there are places where you can get ice cream, coffee or tea and other snacks on each floor. The second one we visited was Siam Paragon, which provides all the well-known designers labels such as Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc. For the ones who can’t afford this – such as myself – they do have an H&M, Mango and ZARA, but that’s about it. If you want to go see a movie in IMAX, this is the place to be! Cineplex, the cinema that is situated on the fifth floor, has a 3D IMAX theatre and a 4DX theatre. Next to Siam Paragon is Siam Center, which has its own concept that is in their own words ‘the world first introduction of a revolutionary new retail development’. It means that all retailers in this shopping mall have joined forces to build new prototype store designs that are consistent with the Siam Center concept. It’s quite the experience, but for me it just didn’t work; overall it was to dark inside and the whole innovative new and arty design of all the stores just deduces what it is really about for me, which is fashion.

P.s. Tomorrow is travel-day again! After a month of cruising through Thailand we’re off to Hong Kong!

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