After finishing the elephant training we went to have lunch at a Thai eatery that is owned by Pon’s mother. We filled our bellies with fried rice and Tom Yum soup and went on the road again for our next destination: Tiger Kingdom. It’s a really touristic place and comparable to a zoo but with tigers only, so after the whole story about my preference for animal-friendly places, I do have to admit I think these animals just need to live in the wild where they belong, but if I may be a little selfish for a moment, I secretly – or not so secretly – find this the coolest place on earth. Where and when do you ever get the chance to see them up-close and personal and even be with them in one space without any fence separating the animal from you? It was even possible to pet them and with the little ones, even cuddle them. Although these tigers are well trained and are used to having a lot of people around them, they are still wild animals. So when you stand eye to eye with one of the big tigers I cannot deny it is quite intimidating. But maybe it’s just that characteristic that makes this animal so [engaging]. It got me totally mesmerized. Besides that it is just an amazingly beautiful animal to see, with its perfectly designed fur coat, its impressive head and its enormous legs and claws. I especially love the little white patch on each of the tigers ears! You will understand that we took a lot of pictures at this place and I am so happy that I am able to share them with you!

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