Let’s talk about food, and in particular street food. As I may have mentioned earlier it’s good – probably the best – so good that in my opinion it’s time to dedicate a post on this subject. When I was preparing for this trip I read all sorts of blogs about Thailand and most of the blogs recommend you to try street food. Without expectations – but with all the good worth of mouth in the back of my head – I tried this ‘street food’ phenomenon for the first time in Bangkok, and it was absolutely delicious. After that there was the time that in the middle of China Town we waited in the pouring rain for our barbecued chicken leg, which was even better – especially with the home made chilli & coriander sauce. And now there is just no stopping me from trying everything that I come across on the street, well… except intestines of whatever animal and fried bugs (brrrr). After being in Thailand for some time now – three weeks already (wow time is going so fast…), you start to recognize the different stands and what they sell. The best sport at the moment is going to places where preferably only locals come to get their meal and just point out what you want to eat, without an English menu to help you. I can assure you, those places are far out the best of all! Here in Chiang Mai it’s a little bit different, because this city is – against all of my expectations – fully crowded with tourists from all over the world, so the ‘just local places’ are really hard to find. However that does not mean that the good food is hard to find! There are multiple markets – with a mix of locals and tourists – that serve really good food. Yesterday we tried several things at the market in the old town, where there was literally something for everyone. Before I go rambling on about all the food – yeah I know… but that just how good it is – let’s just get a glance of all this deliciousness! Warning: I just couldn’t put my camera away, so there are a lot of pictures!

Before we went all mad over the street food we found the cutest little place called Juice4U, that served only healthy food and juices – some detoxing between the many, many meals we put in our belly – with only fruit and vegetables. We had a great avocado with sprout salad, first avocado we had in a while, (yum!) and a fruit salad. Besides all the greenery they also served raw chocolate, which is such pure cacao it’s supposed to be healthy (or did I just wanted to hear that?). We tried one with ginger and one with sea salt, another yum!

Another 'street food' side track picture, but I just find it really interesting how many snacks, such as potato chips, cookies and candy are canned.

It may not look like it, but this sushi is amazing. And maybe the best thing about it is that it only costs 5 baht per piece, which converted to euros, is only 12,5 cents – unbelievable right? For all the people paying close attention… we went back today to have another round (that’s how good it was), hence the different outfits J.

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