Hello! We are in LA! First of all I am so thrilled to be here because it was really high on my wish list of go-to destinations. And second, the sun is shining! After two really cold weeks in The Netherlands (picture me with warm fuzzy socks and a thousand layers – okay… that’s overrated, but you get my point, cold is just not my thing) it is a delight to be able to wear t-shirts outside again. Although it’s also winter in LA the day temp still rises up to 22 degrees C (or higher), and when the sun hugs your skin it feels even warmer.

In my previous post I was telling you about the search of a place where we would be staying for a longer time. We found it quite difficult to make a decision without seeing the neighbourhoods first, so we are currently staying in a hotel in Westwood from where we will explore all parts of the city. Today we put thought into action and took the car for a drive around town. And of course we had to make a stop at the beach to feel the ocean breeze!

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