It has been a little weird being home again, because we originally planned to be back mid December. However, it is kind of nice to be part of the beautifulness that autumn brings. Especially because the sun welcomed us with somewhere around 20 degrees Celsius and the trees are exactly in that state where green, orange and yellow are all intertwined.

As I have mentioned earlier I still have pictures that are taken during our time in Hong Kong. This city is known for it’s haziness, so unfortunately not every picture is as bright and beautiful as it could be, but you’ll get an image of how the city looks! To begin with, we treated ourselves with a stay in what is currently the highest hotel in the world – it begins on floor number 103 all the way to number 118 – which is situated in the ICC (International Commerce Center). From our hotel we had this breath-taking view of the skyline of Hong Kong Island, which I prefer over the skyline of Hong Kong mainland. Amongst a lot of skyscrapers the IFC (International Financial Center) stands out – pretty cool detail: that is the building where Batman jumps off to get Mister Lau in The Dark Knights Rises – but especially at night the buildings together create a beautiful image. On our first day – which ended up being the clearest day during our stay, lucky us! – we went to ‘The Peak’, which is the highest viewpoint of Hong Kong with a 360-degree view of the city. It was pretty awesome to see the ICC rising above the city. After watching the sunset we went to have dinner in one of the restaurants at The Peak, where we could enjoy the lightshow that was playing on the ICC, so cool!

For our next destination we are considering staying in the USA for a period of time, specifically near LA. We’re looking for houses to rent for a month or so, though it’s quite some work figuring out what is the best place to stay and which neighbourhoods are good. Also we think it’s essential to have a car there, so it’s easy to move around – even moving to a different place, if we’d like a change of scenery –without being dependent of any transportation. Stay tuned for the progress of our search!

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