YES! We completed our PADI Open Water Course and our now certified to dive down to 18 metres! We already heard about an amazing place to dive in Malaysian Borneo, so we are certainly going to try to plan our trip around that location. But let’s not go too fast, because we’re still in beautiful Thailand. After a lot of busses, a three-hour – really, and I mean really bumpy – boat ride, an airplane to Bangkok and another airplane, we arrived in Chiang Mai. But before we are going to discover what this city has to offer us I still have some amazing photos of Koh Tao! Though it’s a small island, it has some lovely bay areas and view points that we all tried to see in one day. In contrast to Samui, Koh Tao’s roads are not that good – there are still a lot of unpaved roads, the ones that are paved have a lot of holes in them and some roads are super steep – so it was a real adventure to reach a few locations, but it was definitely worth it! Enjoy the ride with us!

P.s. If you have any ideas, tips, comments or whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box below each post. We very much like to hear from you!

The harbor of Koh Tao - situated in Mae Haad (the main village) - where all dive boats and ferries moor.

The island Nangyuan is a teeny tiny island next to Koh Tao.

This was the most amazing view of the island, as seen from Mango viewpoint.

This lovely tranquil little bay - called Hin Wong Bay - is the perfect place to go snorkeling.

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