Even though it’s been a while since we’ve stayed in Surinam (we were there in August), and at the moment we’re approximately 17.000 kilometres away, I do want to share some of the great moments we’ve had and beautiful pictures we’ve taken. And there were many great moments... especially because a lot of Raymond’s family are living in Surinam, it really feels like coming home. His mom and dad have a lovely home at Groningen (no, not the Dutch version!), in district Saramacca. It’s an hour drive from (the always crowded) Paramaribo, which makes it the perfect place to stay, because you have the best of both worlds. Their home is quiet and peaceful, and they have quite some land around the house where they build there own fruit and vegetables, like mango (a personal favourite!), cassava, peppers, pomplemousse, avocado and coconut. Beside the fruit and vegetables there’s a beautiful flower garden, with the most exotic plants. They also have some dogs running around (I had the honor of naming one of them), two cats and three little green birds. For an outdoorsy type as I am, you can imagine I love being there!

When we were at the house we played around with the animals, had some fun rebuilding all the Lego (yeah Lego… but don’t get me wrong, this is the technical and therefor complicated stuff), toured through the garden, raced with the radio controlled cars, chilled at the hammock, read a little and most important of all… ate a lot of delicious food.

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