It was pretty cool to be in the States to experience all the 4th of July festivities, where the vibe is kind of comparable with the Dutch King’s Day. We walked through the city to the water (The Embarcadaro), and found out that everyone is just hanging out, chilling, having some food and drinks, and enjoy their free day! Of course the true patriotic people like to wear, share and carry everything that has to do with stars and stripes.

After walking around and eying for a good spot to see the fireworks, we grabbed a grilled chicken at the super market and crashed at a pretty exciting spot (with a fear of heights!) next to the water. An hour later we experienced a firework show that was certainly unforgettable! Amazing how the professionals conduct these kinds of shows. We tried to take some pictures of this magic, and surprisingly it worked out pretty well. Take a peek and have some after-fun with us!

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