I am pretty sure this sounds really cliché, but ever since I was a little girl I dreamt about travelling the world. I think the origin of this dream comes from my mom being a flight attendant for KLM in my early years. Back then, the idea of her flying all over the world got me so excited, that I could not sleep the nights that she was away. Nowadays I still get butterflies when I’m dreaming away to another continent, meeting different people, experience different cultures and learn new languages.

This was all just a dream, until now…

 About a year ago, I met my love Raymond. He too had the desire to discover the world, except that he was already in the planning stage, whereas I was still dreaming about it. Even though we were both busy with our jobs, we managed to find the time to visit some pretty cool places! Our first trip together was lovely Paris and next up was Bali with a three-day stopover in Dubai. Because December is freezing in Holland, we decided we wanted sunshine. A week and three flights later we landed by the pier of Moofushi island, the Maldives – magical! Right then and there, when we were sitting and talking with this endless view, we decided that this was it. We wanted to discover more great places like this all over the world… Together!

With our trip around the world becoming reality (believe me, sometimes I think I’m still dreaming), we want to capture all great moments and share them with you. Family, friends, and anyone who wants to be inspired.

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