A week ago we arrived in Bangkok, where we stayed for three days. I thought I couldn’t last more than a day in this grey and smoggy city, but I was so wrong! First of all; the street food is de-li-cious! I could go from food stand to food stand all day every day. Second is China Town, also for the great food, but mostly for the never-ending markets. They sell literally everything, from teeny tiny sewing machines (it very much looked like a stapler to me) to Hello Kitty-everything, strange food (yes, also deep fried bugs) and cell phone covers. You can imagine it’s really easy to get lost whereas it goes on forever and ever, thank god for Google Maps! Which is pretty funny, because on every corner you’ll see someone navigating on his or her smart phone what direction to go next. Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of all this, because of the rainy weather.

From Bangkok we flew to Koh Samui where we’ll be staying for one week. You can see the first snapshots of this paradise island in this post. We rented a scooter to tour the island, so you can expect a lot more of these beautiful blue seas and bright sunny skies!

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