People following us on Instagram and/or Facebook probably know that we were in Vegas the past few days. And though there was a three-day silence on the blog, we certainly haven’t had one moment of silence while we were in ‘Sin City’. From the moment we turned our car onto the strip we got sucked into this overwhelming, flashing-lights, loud-noised, a-lot-of-people-everywhere, 24/7. Other than that I have just no way of describing Vegas. If you are looking for a weekend of unlimited alcohol, partying and maybe a shot at one of the slots or poker tables – and are willing to pay for it, there’s no cheap way to do the strip – this is the place. Though we certainly like to have some drinks and party, this whole everything-evolves-around-it vibe just wasn’t our thing.

We did have a good time doing Vegas our own way; we visited some of the famous great hotels, admired the fountain show at the Bellagio, had a real good Thanksgiving dinner and as the greatest highlight, we went to Boyz II Men! For the ones reading this and asking their selves who these boys (or men nowadays), shame on you! For the ones that do know whom I’m talking about, they are amazing live!

Today we drove from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, with a stop at the Hoover Dam, which was really high on my wish list! It was way cooler then I could have ever imagined and I’m so happy that we made the stop and took the time to take a tour around and in the Dam! After a five-hour drive on a road that seemed to go nowhere –really, except for a couple lying and posing for a photo on the emergency strip (this is no joke) and some miles later a car on fire, there was a whole lot of nothing on the way here – we arrived in an ocean of tranquillity called Tusayan, such a welcome feeling after the Vegas madness!

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