When you are in California, it’s hard not to run into a surfer at some point. We already saw some surfers in action during our drive to Malibu, but when we took the Pacific Coast highway southward in the direction of Orange County we arrived in a true surfer’s paradise. We stopped at Huntington Beach to take a stroll over the pier where we found up to forty surfers on their board, waiting to catch the next big wave. It was pretty cool to see, although I would probably pick a different spot, instead of sharing one wave with so many others.

After admiring the surfing skills – and getting inspired by it, learning how to surf is high on my list! – we quickly drove to Newport Beach, so we would be able to see some of this town when the sun was still up. We ended up on the beach having a front row seat to enjoy the sunset. That just never gets old!

For dinner we found a great place a little bit further south on the Pacific Coast Highway, next to a small shopping center called Crystal Cove. If you’re in the Newport Beach area, you just have to have a bite at Javier’s. Against all expectations – mostly due to its location – the scene was really lively, the interior was super cool, and the food was to die for. It’s Mexican cuisine, but they have such a great variety of food, it will be hard not to find something you’ll like. As an appetizer, try the ‘Nachos de la Casa’ with shredded beef, it may sound like an everyday nacho-plate, but it is the best I have ever had!

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