If you can appreciate an amazing view as much as I do, the Griffith Observatory is definitely a must go-to in LA. We went there in the daytime, but it was kind of hazy, so unfortunately not a great day to shoot pictures. It did give us more time to explore all of the cool things happening inside the observatory. Besides being a great viewpoint, the building itself contains two telescopes, an exhibit hall and a planetarium (including a Tesla Coil!). I’ve been enchanted by the universe and its stars ever since I was a little girl, so this was just an awesome place to learn more about it.

Though the educational visit to the observatory was super, I was still a little disappointed we haven’t been able to capture the amazing views. With still one (clear) night left in LA and no plans, we decided to go for it and shoot some photos by night. And it was so totally worth going back! With an ocean of light filling the panorama view of LA it is even more impressive. And as the icing on the cake, we had the opportunity to observe Jupiter and its four largest moons through one of the telescopes, wow!

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