What’s for dinner? A very well known everyday question – and sometimes struggle – that pops up in everyone’s mind at some point of the day. A question that I don’t like spending too much time on. But what I do like – if we (finally) decided what kind of food or cuisine we like to have – is researching where to get it or how to make this particular kind of food.

The other day, when we were driving around, we decided that it was a pizza kind of day. Now pizza on its own is just pizza – and most of all comfort food – but the way I see it you can divide it in several categories. There is the frozen pizza, which is super easy and can be pretty good, but still, it’s a frozen pizza. If you are in a lazy mood you can always opt for the take-out pizza, which, depending on the place you order it can be either good or bad. In my experience these options are all just fine, but sometimes you just need to have an over-de-top-super-tasty-pizza!

We had a real non-tasty pizza two weeks ago, so we wanted to make it up to ourselves. During my little research on the Internet (we have US sim-cards and access to the Internet everywhere, super handy!) for the best pizza in and around LA, the name ‘Michael’s Pizzeria’ kept popping up combined with reviews like ‘the best pizza in town’ and even ‘the best pizza of the country’. How could we ignore that! Though it was an hour drive we decided to go for it… After arriving in a modern styled place with an authentic wooden-oven we were seated at a table next to the window. We ordered one pizza and one of the cast iron dishes to share – even though we went for the pizza, we just couldn’t let the duck confit (one of my favorites) stay behind. The pizza, with house made (!) mozzarella, forest mushrooms and taleggio, was mouth watering – the perfect bottom and balancing toppings. The cast iron duck confit was also delicious, not as good as in France, but hey, we’re sitting at a pizzeria in Downtown Long Beach. With the pizza being this tasty, and a menu calling for some more action, we decided to have another one, this time with a tomato base, mozzarella, prosciutto ham and arugula. Totally different flavours, but as good as the one before!

To make a story short… when in the mood for pizza, visit Michael’s place, it’s totally worth the drive and it really makes your craving-for-pizza-kind-of-day!

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