First of all a very Merry Christmas to all of you! At the moment we’re with the family in Surinam. Though it’s a little bit harder to get the Christmas vibe going with 30 degrees C – and currently a lot of rain – there’s nothing better than to spend these last days of the year with family and friends. And let’s not forget the amounts of deliciousness that come with! Although… food-wise it feels like Christmas everyday with all the yumminess we get served!

With the New Year coming up – does anybody realise that already? I sure don’t! – I started to think about the year 2013, it sure was one hell of a ride! Though I started Passport Affairs only in September this year, our journey actually started a little more over a year ago, as I already summed up in the first post of this blog. I still can’t believe that I get to see and experience so much of the world, but I definitely love every minute of it!

Last year we spent the holidays in an equally tropical climate as Surinam, but on quite a different place. If there would be a heaven on earth, I would say it’s called the Maldives. The fact that it is in the middle of the ocean, and that the resort where we were staying was an entire island, just made me feel like I was not actually on earth – totally unreal. I have no way to describe it other than magical.

There is still one post (or maybe even two…) planned for 2013 that I have not gotten around yet, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, as always, you can follow our everyday moves at Instagram and Facebook.

For now I wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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