I initially planned to do another post in the last days of 2013, but I blinked my eyes a couple times and hello! 2014 was already there. I would almost say it all went by so fast that it seems 2013 was never here, but that is certainly not true, and I got this blog to testify on that!

So what better way to make the first post of this year, one of the highlights (actually it really was a highlight) of 2013… I haven’t made it a secret that our time in the Grand Canyon was an absolute breath taking and sometimes even unreal experience. On our third and last day we topped this experience of with a cherry on the cake. After considering a helicopter flight the days before (it is quite an expensive trip) we decided that we’d better just do it. It was a little bit cloudy with snow predicted to come down some hour of the day, but we were still able to book a thirty-minute flight.

Driving over to the airport I was overly excited, not only because of the idea that we were going to fly over the Canyon, but mostly because we were going by helicopter, which was a first time for me! Hoping we would get a good seat (because the weight in the helicopter must be equally divided) we got a number 1 and 2 card handed out, which turned out to be the two seats next to the pilot, lucky us!

After taking off, the thirty minutes that followed went by so fast, that I am lucky we were able to take some blurry photos that make it possible to relive the experience again. The most exciting moment for me was when we passed the forest and the steep rims began underneath us and suddenly we were surrounded by the Grand Canyon! As you can see in the photos there were some pretty dark clouds joining us that really made it all look so mysterious and it caused the lightning to be so much more interesting.

That same day we also went to the desert viewpoint, where we saw the most amazing sunset of our life. We both had not seen anything like that before… Stay tuned for the last post of our adventure in the Grand Canyon!

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