I think the most impressive and breath-taking moments in the Canyon were the ones right before darkness. It’s just unbelievable how many different characters it takes up in that half-hour when the sun sets.

When the last sunbeams try to make their way through the Canyon, it creates an amazing light-effect. As the shadows get longer and start to take it all over, a blue glow appears and fills the entire Canyon, which makes it feel a little bit like a fairy-tale. Finally, when the sun is almost under, but the amount of light is still enough to be able to see, the fierce red of the rocks return, making you believe you’re in a total different place.

In these photos the many layers of what the Canyon is composed are so very clear to see. Imagine all these layers being formed over billions of years… it’s just unreal to stand there, being so aware of its history. And now rain and snowmelt, forming the Colorado River, slice through the entire Canyon, carving it relatively quick forming these gigantic rims.

Being there with the light en shapes changing so rapidly, and its history staring you in the face, the Grand Canyon almost felt alive…

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