A little break from all the travel stories to show you what adorable creatures I raised when we were in Surinam for five weeks. A week prior to our arrival – to give you a reminder of our home in Surinam you can take a look here – one of the dogs had five little puppies. They had their eyes closed for the first three weeks and slept day and night, but when they began to open them and started to learn how to walk, that’s when the fun began. It was my first time watching puppies from (almost) birth until they hit puberty – trust me, nothing (think flip flops, hammocks, chairs, doormats etc.) is safe around those little monsters when they begin to find their own way, they either break it or hide it from you – but it was such a pleasure. Of course I couldn’t resist taking tons of pictures of them and share these with you. Enjoy!

And oh… try not to melt.

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