After a week of practice in Tignes I was determined to keep up the pace so that by the end of the second week I would be able to keep standing even when I’m tired. And I was super excited to try out my new board and discover a new ski area. However both of these factors made it pretty tough for me. My board was obviously brand-new and therefor super slippery, which is actually a big plus but I really had to get used to that. Besides that there were a lot of bumps at the ski slopes, which made it hard for me as a beginner. This all ended in a lot of falling – after a lot of crashes the first week – and my body just kind of decided to stop working with me. Actually this didn’t surprise me at all, because I went from barely working out to using all of the muscles in my body on a daily basis – seriously, they were aching in places I didn’t even know I had them. Due to a bruised coccyx this meant a few days (healing time can actually run up to weeks, sometimes even months) rest for me.

But I don’t want to spoil the fun; at the most perfect day of the week we took some amazing photos! The ski area ‘Paradiski’ in the vicinity of La Plagne is without a doubt beautiful. If I would have to compare it with Tignes I would surely say that for beautiful views and nature, and diversity in possibilities, you should definitely opt for La Plagne.

If you are following us on Instagram (@passportaffairs) and Facebook you’ll probably know that we continued our road trip and went to the south of France. Next up on the blog is Montpellier!

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