Road trips are fun, but I also like being in a city long enough – say, a few days – to get to know it a little better. We originally planned an overnight stay in Nice, but ended up staying there for six nights. Five days of exploring has left me with some random observations.

1) People don’t seem to take traffic regulations very serious – for instance, they just park their cars right in front of the place they need to be, even if that means in impossible places like right before a traffic light or in such a narrow passage it just blocks all traffic.
2) Drivers are also really impatient – sometimes even aggressive – and keep honking for no reason.
3) French have kind of a bad rep when it comes to their attitude – although I speak from experience if I say this differs per region – but unfortunately the people of Nice make it true. However there were some exceptions, especially in the restaurants we had dinner.
4) If you’re staying in a hotel that is located in or near the centre of Nice, everything is within walking distance – something I really prefer when visiting a city!
5) There is a lot of dog sh*t on every sidewalk, so watch your step!
6) There are a lot of homeless people – which is not that exceptional in a city, but I’ve never seen them gather all together at night – with mattresses, blankets and everything – to have some sort of slumber party.
7) The beach is not sandy, but consists of large pebbles.
8) Sailing classes going out on the ocean, which surprised me, I would expect those to begin in spring.
9) Airplanes fly in every ten minutes, especially a lot of British Airways and Easyjet.
10) There are a lot of delicious and affordable places to have dinner (I’ll make a report of the places where we had some of the best food!)
11) We especially tasted a lot of food from the region, which was finger-licking good! Goes really well with wine from the ‘Cote de Provence’ – somehow this trip turned into quite the culinary one.
12) There is still a a lot of the recognizable architecture I talked about earlier, but you’ll come across a lot more modern buildings. It’s actually a lot more beautiful just outside of Nice.
13) Against my expectations it was quite lively in Nice for a winter month!

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