From Koh Lading it was only five minutes to the next stop: Koh Pakbia. Although I’m posting the three destinations of the tour in chronological order on the blog, I have to admit I have a hard time to restrain myself from skipping this one and directly going to Hong Island. Why? You’ll soon find out when it appears on the blog, can’t wait! ☺

The beach of Koh Pakbia is a little larger than Koh Lading’s beach and there’s a sandbar that – depending on the tide – stands dry or is just under water. Not far from this sandbar we found a coral reef, which was not in good shape, but we did find the habitat of the more exotic fishes. Unfortunately the sight wasn’t good due to little particles that were floating in the water, but we did have a little snorkelling adventure!

The touring company offered us some complimentary lunch, which was really welcome after only having a quick bite early in the morning. When we finished our chicken en rice we fed the leftovers to the small fish – we learned they’re always eager for some extra food on the Maldives – which is super cool because they all gather around you waiting for more!

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