After exploring the south the day before we were very curious to what the north had to offer, especially beyond the crowded beaches of Kata, Patong and Karon. Reaching Bang Tao and after that Surin Beach, we almost started thinking that there wasn’t much of Phuket left that wasn’t consumed by tourists. Driving away from the beach into the town of Surin the scenery gradually changed from touristic to local Thai, it’s funny to think that this was the moment we finally felt at ease.

We went with our gut feeling and turned of the main road, finding ourselves in the residential area of the local Thai. Then luxury surrounded us again, apparently we drove into the Laguna Integrated Luxury Destination Resort, which is a giant area that has seven hotels and luxury villa resorts. I have to say they did quite well with the design of this area, but it was yet again for the tourists. Finding a way out of this maze of luxury, still driving along the villas that were on our right, on our left – behind a part of unspoiled nature – we got our eyes on the ocean again. It seemed like there were a few bars on the beach, so we took a turn and made our way to one of them. We were absolutely thrilled to step on that beach and – except for the people that run the bar – be the only ones there. We had discovered a hidden gem! There were only a few sunbeds, so I don’t believe this beach is crowded at daytime either.

If we would return to Phuket we would most definitely look for an accommodation that is situated in the northwest. We once again proved ourselves that in Thailand we feel most at home if we stay in a somewhat remote area and have a motorbike that can take us anywhere we want.

Are there other hidden gems in Phuket that I should know about? If so, I’ll definitely visit that one the next time. Please share your thoughts and findings in the comments!

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