Exploring the vicinity by motorbike is one of my favorite things to do in Thailand and it’s the best way to discover places that are still off the grid, or at least with less to no tourists. With the urge to escape the crowded streets of Kata and with the curiosity if there would still be something ‘off the grid’ to find in Phuket, we went on the road (and drove over one hundred kilometres!).

We headed south and decided to follow the coastline while the sun was still up and search for some local Thai food later (you only need a good nose for that!). The first stop was at Karon View Point, though this is a touristic attraction it’s definitely worth stopping for, because the view is absolutely stunning. A little further south is Nai Han Beach, which is relatively far away from the exhilarating centre of tourism that is Patong, but still packed with hundreds of people.

Wondering if things would be the same east of the island we drove further to check out Rawai Beach. However, ten minutes later a few parasailers that were swirling around us distracted me. In a quick flash from the backseat I saw a bunch of people gathered around in a side street, so we made a U-turn to see what was happening. That proved to be a good call, because we had actually (accidently) found the hill these parasailers use to take-off and land with their parachute! And not only did we have a front-row seat to all the action, but overlooking Nai Han Beach and all the recreational boats that were moored, it was also the place to watch the sunset.

With the sun under I couldn’t really judge whether Rawai Beach is crowdy or not, but there were a lot of speedboats moored over the entire width of the beach, so I guess it’s not the best place to go for a swim. We did had the best Thai dinner of our time in Phuket in one of the restaurants there, so if we’re talking food; I highly recommend it!

How do you like to explore Thailand? And what are your favorite places in Phuket?

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