Though it’s been a few months since we’ve spent two weeks in Los Angeles, it still keeps my mind busy from time to time. Could I have spent my time there differently? Maybe… Was there a better (more cost efficient) housing option than the place we’ve stayed in? Probably. Could I have connected more with the local people, to really ‘feel’ LA? Definitely. I do think this is harder when you go to a city without a real (business) purpose for which you have meetings and to do lists. And maybe the most important reason for staying in your comfort zone is if you’re traveling together. In that case there isn’t an urge to meet other people. Let me just say that what I love most about traveling and discovering places together is that we can share everything and make new memories. Though what I sometimes miss is chatting with others, meeting new people, or even make new friends. Let me be clear, I’m not the type of person that usually starts talking to random strangers, and almost no one comes near the holy grail of my existing circle of friends, but I do like a sudden interaction with someone. (Hum… note to self: start interacting!)

This whole thought process made me decide to break down all the things I’ve come across in LA and some while traveling in general. You can expect a retrospect to our time in Los Angeles, divided in three sub topics. This will be followed by a post about the reality of traveling; I'm currently living the dream of many, many people - even my own! - but does it feel like that?

Are you traveling together or alone? What do you do to embrace a new destination and fully immerse yourself in the local culture?

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