So despite the bruised coccyx I was talking about earlier, we did go for a third week of snowboarding (it is just too much fun and I already miss it like crazy!) in Les Arcs 1950, which is located in Paradiski. We were actually in the same ski area when we stayed in La Plagne, but on a different mountain. Though we did have an unlimited ski pass and were allowed to make the crossing, we didn’t make it from La Plagne to Les Arcs. In the third week we did it once the other way around, but it was a pretty long route, so we constantly had to watch the time in order to get back before all the lifts were closing. Besides that it was really crowded with people going back and forth everyday in the area of the lift that makes the crossing. If you want to be able to decide which area to go to on a daily basis (which would actually be pretty cool), it’ll probably be better to stay somewhere near that lift.

As shown in the photos we couldn’t be more blessed with the weather, it was perfect. I even got my first ski goggle tan – you know, a tanned face with a white area around the eyes. The lack of fresh snow did make the slopes a little less comfortable to ride after a few days, so when the snowstorms – including the cold and the mist – came on Wednesday I was surprisingly at my best!

I’ll soon write a retrospect with the pros and cons of the different ski areas we went to this season. And on top of that I'll give you an insight on how it is to learn how to snowboard, including tips on how to prevent injuries!

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