After two days and dinners that mainly consisted of meat we were in the mood for seafood. I was browsing Google Maps for restaurants near to us and quickly found something answering this mood, only a three-minute walk from the hotel. I did have to look twice at the website – a little disoriented by the two restaurants and their almost similar menus – so we decided to walk over there and take a look for ourselves. Once arrived it seemed to be divided in a bistro on the left, and a more formal restaurant on the right, with slightly different menus. After sitting on a stool at La Merenda and dinner in a bistro setting the day before, we opted for the fancy and comfortable looking chairs on the right.

I’d read some of the reviews on Google saying the food was incredible, but the service cold and distant, so I prepared myself for just good food – nothing more. But from the minute we set foot in the restaurant we were warmly welcomed, the same gentleman continued serving us for the rest of the evening. His sympathy really made this dinner a delightful experience – and then I didn’t even start talking about the food yet!

First we got the amuse, which consisted of a creamy leek soup (not a leek fan, but yum), a caramelized cherry tomato (a bit weird, but it had a nice bite) and the most delicious take on foie gras I’ve ever tasted. After activating every taste bud we got our appetizers, lobster ravioli – served in some sort of light foamy soup that tasted oh. so. good. – and scallop carpaccio with black truffle, also very tasteful. For the main course I’d ordered the lobster risotto, which tasted good, but – knowing the chef’s capabilities after that amuse and the appetizers – could have easily been more balanced, instead of being risotto with a lobster on top. The grilled codfish was also good, but a had a little too much of a burned flavour for my taste. The chef luckily outdid himself with the chocolate soufflĂ© and coconut ice cream for dessert – talking about it now makes me immediately crave for more!

Where: 22, rue Alphonse Karr – 06000, Nice
Contact information: www.les-viviers-nice.fr/

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