I can really bang my head into the wall for not remembering – or moreover never have known – the name of this restaurant (and we even went twice, I blame the wine…). Tuesday night we decided to take a walk and see if one of the restaurants in the vicinity would attract us. We turned precisely one corner and the first was already a hit. It’s a small place filled with tables with red and white checked tablecloths close to each other. You can’t miss it, if you walk by and peek through the window, you’ll know this is it. It seems to be run by a family; dad in the kitchen, mom managing the restaurant (in her best outfit, if I may say so) – taking orders and writing checks – and the two sons (not sure about that one) running the tables, whom all looked Italian to us. Though it was kind of busy, not having a reservation was no problem.

I was immediately triggered by a mini casserole standing on the table next to us, and – lucky me – the specialty ‘Coq au Vin’ that I ordered was being served that way. It not only looked attractive, it tasted even better. I tried the ‘Boeuf Bourgeon’ – which is cooked the same way – on Friday, but definitely preferred the ‘Coq au Vin’! We also had the ‘Magret de Canard’, which was perfectly lush – exactly the way it should be. If you like pies the way French make it, definitely save room for dessert. One of the tables in the restaurant is reserved for daily homemade pies and other desserts like stewed pear, flan, chocolate mouse etc. – really tasty!

Where: Passage Merlanzone (just around the corner of Boulevard Victor Hugo), Nice
Contact information: Not available

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