As I mentioned before in my list of things why I love to live in Singapore, the city is known for its food culture. So we were exactly in the right place! We went a little overboard by trying a new restaurant every day, but hey, when it comes to really good food, why not? We do prefer spreading these fancy meals over a longer period of time, but it was just not an option to stay for five weeks so we could have a proper dinner schedule. Didn’t matter though, because we had some pretty tasty food for five days in a row.

We started this food journey at The Fat Cow, which is a Japanese inspired steakhouse situated on the weirdest location ever: inside a medical centre. Our taxi driver did find the restaurant at once, and dropped us of at a place that felt like an abandoned film set of a hospital where creepy things are about to happen. (The scene from Bad Boys just popped up in my head, where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are in the morgue to examine some bodies on XTC… but ok, back to reality!) Heading to the entrance this scene luckily changed from weird to Japanese spring, welcoming us in a total different world.

We were seated at the bar of the open kitchen, being able to watch the chefs in action. It’s a large open space without windows, but they did a pretty good job decorating the place, providing a good ambiance. The menu is pretty straightforward, raw, cold and hot entrees, some provided with surprising touches. The larger part of the menu is all about the Wagyu beef, including the A5, which is the highest ranking for this beef.

For starters we ordered sashimi, including the Toro – the belly of the tuna – which is always a winner, because it just melts on the tongue, and this one was no different. Delicious! And crab cakes, also tasty, but I’m just not really a crab cake kind of person I guess. And we just had to try the sliced sea bream with black truffle, such a powerful combination, yum!

Then we got what we came for, the A5 Wagyu beef. Wherever we go; if Wagyu beef is on the menu, we order it, simply because – if well prepared – it’s the most tasty and lush meat there is. However, we never had the A5 before, so you could imagine our curiosity!

The menu of the Fat Cow consists of various types of Wagyu (different ranks and weights with corresponding prices), offered in four cooking styles. We opted for the Shabu Shabu and Donabemeshi (grilled over charcoal, served over rice with a poached egg on top). Both were absolutely delicious! I would say that this beef (especially the A5) is on it’s best when served plain, without too much flavours to distract from the true quality of the beef. Don’t get me wrong, a good Shabu Shabu is delicious, but in my opinion it’s a waste of the top quality beef, if another type of Wagyu is equally delicious served in this style.

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