Except for an evening run, or a stroll along the water to clear your head, Gardens by the Bay is also a perfect spot for an (educational) visit on a Sunday afternoon. Not only the park is a delight to walk through, there are two architectural masterpieces filled with dozens of flowers and plants from all over the world. So if nature’s greens excite you in any way, and you feel like taking a short trip around the world through different climates, this is definitely a must-see!

The Flowerdome is like an art exhibition for flowers and plants; it's truly amazing how many sorts there are in one place - mind blowing!

There is a beautiful restaurant inside the Flowerdome with panoramic views of the Marina Bay area. We haven't been there, but it looks quite nice and a famous chef helms it, so I don't doubt it would be an extraordinary experience to have dinner there!

After the Flowerdome we entered Could Forest, a simulated rain forest that offers quite an exciting and adventurous walk - especially with a fear of heights - over winding paths up in the air from where you can discover the most special and peculiar plants.

We ended up having some delicious chicken satay and calamari rings at 'Satay by the Bay'. I imagined this to be a restaurant, but it's actually set up as a street food area! And although it's a touristic place, the food was pretty nice!

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